[2012 February 11-18] Ski in Zillertal (Finkenberg)

Date: 11-18 February 2011

Location: Finkenberg, Austria

Participants: Andra, Mira, Iulia, Alex, Popica, Dorian

It was high time we had that one week intensive skiing activity. This time with some efforts and last moment changes we managed to get to Finkenberg in the Zillertal region where we were eager to ski on the Hintertux and adjacent regions. We have chosen Sonnegg.  We had 6 great days of skiing with mixed conditions sometimes not matching the skis we were using. The first day was also the only one on Hintertux when we had great sun with some low temperatures in the morning and cloudy gusts in the afternoon when the -21 degrees felt more like -40 and made some of the higher altitude slopes unusable for us. Due to high wind only the slopes (very well prepared) were usable the rest was just a tricky unpleasant crust. The second day we went closer to the villa and took the lifts for the Finkenberg region which to our surprise was quite interesting full with red slopes, however a little messed up in order to remember where you are and how to get back, something that we did not manage to do in time for 2 days, ending up in a taxi and not in the skibus, as we would have liked. Due to the large number of slopes even after the second and third day we were not able to figure out where we were. After a long heavy snow we hoped for a powder day, and so it was, only that it started at 10:00 for safety reasons … and even if we wanted the road to Hintertux was blocked. It was perfect when I was able to ski the first on the slopes and actually float on the snow, no fall was painful, and sometimes stopping on the slopes meant taking off your skies and trying to find a way out of the powder, though I still remember looking for some minutes for one of my skies in the snow. Falling was fun as the film attached shows. One of the slopes that the region was known for was Harakiri (78%) or around 70degrees to get an idea on how the 900m slope looked like. I was quite lucky that I did not fall after 2 careful traverses at the top, Andra was hit by an unstoppable snowboarder and Alex managed to do only half of it, the other was mostly a try to grind to a hault. The last day we got to a different region, Zillertal Arena, where we found a lot of slopes badly connected to one another, however a nice offpiste under the cabin and long descents from the top for all the tastes and levels of skiing. All in all, it was a great adventure with great people, the slopes were nice, however a little more dispersed than we would have liked it.

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