[2012 Martie 17-18] Schi de tura Hasmas

Date: 17-18 Martie 2012

Location: Hasmas, Balan

Participants: Andra, Dorian

It was a long planned trip, the kind you dream of for a long time until you finally get to do it. Even if it is late March we took the skis and went for one of the best trips on skis. Hasmas and Miercurea Ciuc area is known for unpleasant weather and bearing this in mind, we were more than surprised to see that there was no cloud in the sky on Saturday morning when we drove to the place where we started on our skis. The snow was awful crust and pow mixed together in a weird and not so slippery playground, but there was more snow than we suspected in mid March. It took us almost 2 hours to get to “Piatra Singuratica” where we staid for a great soup and tried one short descent that we got on tape. The descent was almost 30mins and it was as challenging as rewarding, more than we hoped for. The images and short film should explain the rest.


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