[2012 July 7 ] Braul de mijloc (Marele grohotis – Anghelide)

Date: July 7th 2012

Location: Piatra Craiului

Participants: Vlad, Dorian

It seems too much time has passed since my first trip in the mountains. Ever since, I have created ambitions more from a childish curiosity mixed with thorough planning, all this leading to a great satisfaction. In no way has this satisfaction been described or considered as “conquer”, “achieved” but more as “a smile and a short breath of happiness”. One plan that is up in my mind for a long time is getting closer, Braul de mijloc, the whole version that I have yet seen it documented from one point to the other on recent blogs.

Until this will be another smile on my face, the shorter version from “Marele grohotis” up to “Anghelide” has made my day and part of night. We started in the morning with a lot of sun in front of us, enough water in our pack. It took us nearly 2 hours to reach Poiana Inchisa where we descended in order to enter the track that we were looking for. From all the descriptions I have read, it looked like quite a challenge, far from being a walk in the park. It requires attention and good weather, we ended up in some bushes after not paying enough attention to the track. Wild goats are all over the place, some staying too close to us. The most impressive part was the beginning when all we could see was a huge wall of rock, at least 100m tall. We made our way with joy in our mind up to “La Lanturi” a well known track in Piatra Craiului, being one of the hardest marked trails (or so I’ve heard). This was our descent point back to “Garofita”. It took me a few moments to convince Vlad that weather and time were on our side and that we could end up eating a great ciorba at “Plaiu Foii”. And so we continued our journey on a part that we have seen before unfortunately in a lot of fog. We soon reached Anghelide, our point of descent. Due to the last storms, portions of the track were completely changed as if there has never been any vegetation there, just rock. Even the spring that we were looking for, that had a metal mug on top of a stick, had disappeared. Water still springs at that point, but it lacks the joy and beauty that it one had.

Eventually we reached the restaurant at “Plaiu Foii” where we had the great, well know ciorba and coke, as I rarely do. It took us some time, from 7:30 to 9:20 to eat and get going again, this time back to the cabin. Night was closing in and we were wondering through the forest, sometimes getting scared by frogs jumping through the leaves. It was a nice stroll in the forest, up to the point we had to turn left. Ooops, where’s the sign, and what’s with all these fallen trees that nobody seems to have passed by. We wondered around for a few moments and ended up eventually at a fork with lots of sings. As ridiculous as it may seem, there was no sign resembling a red triangle. With one map and one GPS we took the right decision and for the next one hour we walked being harassed by spider webs and night insects atracted by our head lamps. It was fun and easy, the last descent to the cabin was a bit too much for my knees but still fun and a great satisfaction when we heard Ozzy bark at us from a few hundred meters away. There we were at the cabin at 1:30 where we had something to eat and a great wine to share and enjoy for another great adventure. The night was full of snoring but far too little to impress my tiredness.


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