[2013 April 27] Late winter in Retezat

Date: April 27th-30th

Location: Retezat

Participants: Vlad, Dorian

It seems ages since I last wrote something on the blog, though almost no weekend has passed without having the free attitude towards life.

I wanted to go for a short vacation in Retezat to see how it looks like on snow and the odds were best few days after my birthday. Together with Vlad, we looked at the weather and decided to go as you rarely have 3 days without any clouds. It took a few hours drive to Carnic where we left the car and set on foot to Gentiana, our “base camp”. The cabin was full of people partying after “Cupa Bolovanul” where people join every year for a skiing competition. We went to sleep quite early as the air was fresh.

First day: we decided to have 3 different routes for the 3 days that we stayed and started by aiming for Bucura and Peleaga peaks on the first day, testing the snow and warming up.

Second day: was the day when we went for Retezat peak climbing through some valleys as the snow was too much fun just to walk around. Avalanches were everywhere, though we witnessed only one, and I managed to get a few shots of it. On the way back we took the fastest descent which was fun, even if it was more than 60 degrees and snow helped us out this time. By late afternoon we were back at the cabin, struggling even more as the snow was getting wetter.

Third day: we decided just to have some fun. We left the crampons and rope and went just to see if we can climb Bucura 2 and then retreat over saua Bucurei. To our surprise the snow was marginally walkable without crampons, maybe this could have been the best day to use them, provided that we climbed a steep face and sun did not shine on that side. All in all we managed to get to the top with no incidents and descend on the other side. It was a lot of fun and hopefully next year will be on skis.

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